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How thoughtful farming could curb climate change, feed the world
From The Christian Science Monitor, written by Nora Doyle-Burr, March 28, 2012.

sustainable agriculture and global warming

We’re no scientists, let that be said. Whether you debate the reality of global warming, or buy into it completely, it has to make you wonder. With the global population on the rise year after year, there’s another factor to consider when it comes to the overall health of the planet. But let’s not play out the doomsday scenario. Instead, we can all stay educated and informed when it comes to the effects of global warming and a rising population on the state of agriculture. And from that position of being informed, we’ll all be able to weigh in on what the best reaction and remedies might be.

In the way of education, the CSM put out a new article yesterday, with a link to a recent study on the ties between global warming, a rising population, and agriculture. “Agriculture is both part of the problem and part of the solution to climate change,” were the words of Sir John Beddington, who is the chair of the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. The BBC notes that “farming produces approximately one-third of the world’s emissions. These emission contributions stem from fossil fuel combustion and the clearing of otherwise forested areas.” So we have to eat, but agriculture practices contribute to the problems that face the planet. What do we do?

More From the Article on Sustainable Agriculture

According to the article, “Climate change will increase temperature variability and alter the amount and patterns of precipitation. These, among other challenges, will make the process of growing food more difficult in the future.” The point here is that it’s more than poignant to be thinking about these issues — our very lives are at stake, because, of course, we’re talking about how food production will be impacted by the health (or lack thereof) of the planet.

Get informed. Read the full article now: How thoughtful farming could curb climate change, feed the world.

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