Minnesota Summer Festival Showcases Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Agriculture Can Be Fun, Ya’ Know

BlueberriesIf you’re reading this blog from somewhere in the midwest, or you plan to be in the middle of the country this summer, AND you’re a fan of sustainable farming, then you’re very, very lucky. This summer, no less than 12 farms all across the great state of Minnesota will open their doors to the public for guided tours that will include clean energy demonstrations.

All the efforts taking place this coming weekend, are all part of the Minnesota Sustainable Farming Association’s Festival of Farms, the mission of which is to educate farm visitors about sustainable agriculture. And we here at Planet Matters and More applaud your efforts! Further efforts include an attempt to pair up local farmers with local food community members, as well.

For more information about festival participants, directions and schedules, visit the Minnesota SFA’s Festival of Farms event page. Or read the rest of the article now, over at RevModo.   [Photo Via: yakimablueberries]

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