A Visit to Deep Roots Farm, Part 1

Laughing Planet, A Partner With Deep Roots Farm Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR
In the past week or so, we were given the opportunity to take a short trip south of Portland and into the heart of the Willamette Valley, somewhere in between Albany and Corvallis. The purpose of the trip was to get out into nature, so that we might get to shake hands with one of Laughing Planet’s most productive partners.

Deep Roots Farm is a family operation that defines the idea of sustainable agriculture, while simultaneously disproving the idea that a small-scale operation can have a meaningful impact on those around them. Just an hour or so out of Portland, this local grower supplies only a few businesses in Portland, and shows up weekly at 3 of the city’s finest farmers markets.

In part 1 of this multi-part piece, we look at some pictures of the trip to Deep Roots. More pictures later in the week appear in Part 2, and then in the upcoming weeks, we’ll have a brief interview with the family behind Deep Roots Farm. Stay tuned for more!

Pictures of Deep Roots Farm in Albany, Oregon

Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR

Growing Tomatoes in the Green House

Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR

Basil Growing in Another Green House

Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR

Tomatoes on the Vine Out in the Sun

Deep Roots Farm, Albany, OR

Kale on the Main 16 Acre Spread

Learn more about Deep Roots Farm now, at their website.

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