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Focus on Orlando, Florida: Sustainable Efforts in the City
sustainability initiatives in orlando, florida

On the blog, although we are based in Portland and working hard to follow local issues here, we’d also like to spend some time assessing the efforts of other regions and cities around the country, when it comes to sustainability initiatives, and what other communities around the nation are doing to implement environmental programs and more. Today, we take a peek at what the city of Orlando, Florida is doing to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

The real estate woes that were closely tied to the financial crisis beginning in 2008 (and still affecting people and institutions today) dramatically impacted this city (as it did elsewhere), and Orlando foreclosure lawyers certainly found there was plenty of business to be done in the city, to get homeowners back on track, and the local economy flourishing. So did the city take the opportunity to direct funds towards sustainable initiatives or the reduction of their total carbon footprint?

Internet Groups Working Towards Sustainability in Orlando

With websites such as Meetup working towards gathering community members together based on shared interests and physical proximity, the city of Orlando has no less than 19 active groups focused on the issue of sustainability. According to the site, “Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.”

So through a website that promotes local gatherings in order to foster, encourage, and develop various ideals and interests, we find that groups such as “the Organic and Sustainable Living Meetup” are actively working to combine green tech, organic eating, health and wellness, and sustainable methods of building and living, into a vibrant, shared experience.

City of Orlando: Green Works Program

Way back in 2007, then Mayor Buddy Dyer had the foresight to put together a committee that featured members of just about every city department. His mission? To incorporate “the City’s existing green programs into a larger and more comprehensive plan to include a bold array of new actions designed to dramatically transform Orlando as a more environmentally-friendly City.” So what came out of this?

Fast forward a few years, and the Green Works Orlando Program is a reality, the direct offspring of Mayor Dyer’s vision and effort. Green Works Orlando has at its core a rigorous action plan for developing sustainable initiatives throughout every level of city life and activity, and works to save the tax payers money while reducing the city’s carbon footprint, and establishing itself as a model of “going green” efforts.

With local online directories like Sustainable Orlando, and gigantic area-wide conferences solely devoted to sustainability in packaging, the city of Orlando is working hard to develop a program of environmental consciousness in action.

[Photo Via: Sustainable Orlando Directory]

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