What Are Live Transfer Solar Leads and How Do they Work?

Not All Solar Leads Are Created Equal

live transfer solar leads

If you’re in the business of solar sales and installation, then you know that the quality of your leads matters. Purchase top quality leads, and your conversion rate will skyrocket. Opt instead for budget leads, and you might have a tougher time getting them to actually convert.

In the world of solar leads, live transfer leads are highly coveted by those who know good quality leads when they see them. Live transfer solar leads boast unusually high conversion rates, and most solar installers find that they provide a handsome return on investment, when compared to other types of leads. So why do live transfer solar leads work so well?

The Benefit of Opting for Live Transfer Solar Leads

Live transfer solar lead prospects are often better qualified than those collected through other means. During the lead generation process, live transfer leads are educated on solar products and services, and their identities are verified. The leads are then scrubbed to avoid duplication, and qualified based on your specific criteria. Finally, they’re warm-transferred to you and your sales team.

With other types of solar leads, getting in touch with prospects is often a big part of the challenge, but not with live transfer leads. Warm transfers ensure that you actually get to speak with your leads as soon as you get them. Real time Internet leads can offer 25%-50% contact rates, but live transfer leads offer 100%. As anyone in sales can attest, closing deals is a numbers game. The more prospects you talk to, the more deals you’ll close.

Added Value With Live Transfer Solar Leads

Live transfer solar leads are more seamless than other types of leads. Real-time online leads come close, but even they can’t match the immediacy of a warm transfer. In the time that it might take for you or one of your representatives to contact a lead, they might already be researching your competitors. Live transfer leads put your business in front of your prospects immediately after the qualification process takes place. In a business where “striking while the iron is hot” is crucial, the iron simply doesn’t get any hotter than a live transfer.

Another advantage of live transfer leads is that they’re more personal. Seasoned salespeople can hear the sound of hesitation or readiness to buy in a prospect’s voice, and can overcome objections in real-time. Online leads are a great way to keep your sales funnel full, but until you actually reach your prospects over the phone, there’s no real human connection. Of course, actually getting them on the phone is the goal, but that can be easier said than done.

With live transfer solar leads, the first contact you’ll have with a new prospect will be the sort of real, human-to-human interaction that inspires trust, and puts uncertain minds at ease. The result? Higher closure rates for your solar installation business.

Live Transfer Solar Leads: Excellent, But Not the Only Choice

Live transfer solar leads are among the best types of solar leads available. Their excellent conversion rates, 100% contact rates, immediacy, and seamlessness all conspire to make them a wise investment for just about any solar business interested in expanding their market share. Along with real-time online leads, live transfer solar leads are a smart addition to your solar business’s lead generation strategy.

But live transfer solar leads are not the only high quality leads that are capable of providing your business with a strong ROI. Purchasing exclusive leads for a qualified partner in the lead generation business, for example, can also provide your business with the added push that your marketing department may be looking for. Whatever the case, it’s always wise to thoroughly vet your lead generation partner before you pull the trigger on purchased leads. How long have they been in the business? Do they prominently display recent testimonials on their website, attesting to their reputation? What kind of customer service do they offer?


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