Green Homes and Energy Audit Rebates

Save Money, Earn Money Back With Home Energy Audits

home energy audit savings

When you perform even the most basic version of a home energy checkup in your dwelling, you can help yourself to determine exactly where and how you’re losing energy. And chances are, if you’re wasting or losing precious energy, you’re also throwing money down the toilet unnecessarily, and every single month on your energy bill.

A professional energy auditor can come to your home to perform a more top-down, thorough and rigorous examination of your home, but there are many things that you can do yourself to get the process started. Just taking a cursory walk-through your home, you can check for air leaks, examine the insulation, and inspect your ductwork, air conditioning or furnace.  By using a professional home energy auditor, you can add the performance of a blower door test and the use of an infrared camera, in order to create a more realistic picture of your home energy use and waste.

Auditing the Parts of Your Home That Impact Your Energy Consumption Picture

Tips for do-it-yourself home energy audits are available everywhere, including the website of the EPA. Most of these articles will run through the basics, addressing such necessary steps as locating and then sealing any air leaks that you can find, including within the ventilation areas; checking home insulation in places like the attic, the garage, or any other easy to reach / semi-exposed areas; inspecting your heating and cooling equipment, and replacing units that are outdated, especially when they’ve lived beyond fifteen years; lighting issues, including continued use of incandescent light bulbs; and your appliances, especially if they’re not very new, and not Energy Star Rated.

Did you know that home energy audit rebates are often available in various cities and counties?

It is smart to learn more about home energy efficiency audits, as they have the ability to help you reduce your monthly utility bills, and help you to go green in the process. In some counties, the rebate for conducting a home energy audit, and for conducting a subsequent home energy upgrade, is as high as $4500, with 45% energy savings when you take advantage of a free efile in April. Just be sure that you know the rules for taking advantage of the credits.

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  1. It’s amazing just how much money you can save just by doing a simple audit of your home. Every homeowner should be aware of how good it is now only to the wallet in the long run but the overall environment. It’s great that companies offer rebates. That should be a great incentive to do one ASAP!

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