Truitt Brothers: Food Manufacturing With a Conscience

Sustainable, Locally Produced Products from the Pacific Northwest

Truitt Brothers Sliced PearsTruitt Brothers is another one of those amazing stories about sustainable agriculture, keeping things under control and local, and treating people right, whether its customers or employees. Right there in the mission statement, they note that since their start, they’ve “tried to treat [their] employees, growers and customers right. Following that philosophy is an imperative that helps to guide [their] company and [they] are thrilled that consumers show increasing interest in the impact of their purchasing and consumption choices on the planet.”

They are certified sustainable as a manufacturer, and they care a whole lot about how their products are handled, from the plant in the ground to the food in the processing stages. Serving customers ranks high on their list of priorities, as does serving the environment.
Notes on Sustainability From the Truitt Brothers Website

Truitt Brothers Green Green BeansAccording to their website, the Truitt Brothers’ “journey along the path to sustainability began when [they] invited an audit by Food Alliance, the nation’s leading third-party certifier of sustainable agricultural producers and processors.
Today, Food Alliance certification of [their] facilities puts Truitt in the company of hundreds of farmers, ranchers and processors who have made the same commitment to stewardship of the land, its resources and its citizens.”

Among their chief concerns, the Truitt Brothers list the creation of natural products that are high in nutritional value, food safety, using energy and natural resources with responsibility, an emphasis on recycling and a fair work environment. And another thing — “continuous improvement of these sustainable practices,” which is always great to know about a company.

Further, Truitt Brothers “makes it a priority to measure [their] impact on the environment by implementing distribution efficiencies, reducing energy use and fuel consumption. [They] also research the environmental impact of canning and retort processing.”

David and Peter Truitt were still in their 20’s when they purchased the original cannery that houses one of the company’s divisions today. What they lacked in life experience the brothers made up for with prodigious energy, and optimism, a brilliant staff, and a strong family heritage in the food processing business. As they learned about their customers, meeting the demand for products of the highest quality became paramount and a determining factor for their future vision for their food manufacturing company.

Brothers David and Peter Truitt, who purchased the original cannery when they were just around 20 years old, are both still involved with the daily operation of Truitt Brothers.

Learn more about the Truitt Brothers here.

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