Sauvie Island Farms, Portland Oregon

Oh My Goodness, Summer and Fall Squash!
Sauvie Island Farms, Portland OR

Look at them beauties up there, would ya! Holy sweet so and so, the squash on coming out of Sauvie Island Farms this time of year is gorgeous. To highlight Laughing Planet Cafe’s continuing efforts to partner with local farms in the interest of eating locally grown produce, we thought we’d offer a little run down of some of our fall season veggies, sourced from both Deep Roots Farm (covered extensively in the last few weeks here on the blog), and Sauvie Island Farms.

In the coming weeks (and currently), Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland will be sourcing all of our Roma tomatoes from Deep Roots Farm. From The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, we’ll be getting the Yukon Gold potatoes for all the Laughing Planets in Portland for quite a while going forward. Kale for all the Laughing Planets in Portland for some time into the future will come from Deep Roots. And all coming winter squashes pictured above on Sauvie Island Farms will be from both of these fine partners.

Another Family Tradition From Portland: Sauvie Island Farms

Egger Family on Sauvie Island Farms, Portland

Egger Family on Sauvie Island Farms, Portland

Sauvie Island Farms is owned and operated by the Egger family, and is located on local Sauvie Island, just a hair over 13 miles from our Portland-area restaurants (how’s that for local sourcing!). We’re talking 3rd generation to farm on the island. On the farm, you can find anything from peaches to berries, flowers to squash, sweet corn and more.

Visitors are welcome to pay a visit and pick their own veggies, and additionally, they grow “cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, sweet corn, pumpkins, wheat and more for the wholesale and cannery markets.”

Sauvie Island Farms, Portland, OR

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[Photos Via: Sauvie Island Farms]

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