Laughing Planet Cafe and Draper Valley Farms Chicken

On A Little Trip to the Laughing Planet Kitchen Yesterday…

Laughing Planet Cafe and Draper Valley Farms Chicken

Serving up food for a small fleet of restaurants is no joke; it involves superhuman precision, the will and drive to do it right, and a serious commitment to one’s customers. If you’re a fan of Laughing Planet Cafe in and around Portland, then you already know just how good the food is: fast, healthy, sustainable, fresh, heavy on the veggie goodness, and top quality ingredients all the way around. But did you know they serve up exclusively Draper Valley Farms Chicken from Washington, one of the single most hard-working poultry farms in the nation?

Just How Far Laughing Planet Is Willing to Go For Your Chicken

No, no, no. We’re not talking about going halfway around the world to source the poultry for their burritos and bowls. Nothing of the sort — remember, they’re an institution, a bastion of sustainability and a juggernaut of eco-consciousness, and trucking in chicken from miles and miles away wouldn’t cut it. And don’t forget, the burritos are beyond affordable, so it’s not as if they are passing along the costs of high quality, hormone free chicken to their customers.

After a trip through the Laughing Planet World Headquarters and Commissary kitchen this morning, we learned part of the secret, as depicted in the picture above. So guess how they do it — well, in a word, WORK. Yes, work. The chickens come to the commissary from Draper Valley Farms in Washington (a word about them below), as whole birds. They’re prepped, de-boned by hand in the kitchen (this is practically an all day process, so look out!), and tossed on the grill to seal in that special flavor. Then, they’re put on racks and roasted in a gigantic oven until they’re cooked to perfection. They are then sent out whole to the various locations, in order to seal in their moistness and lock in the flavor. At that point, they’re sliced and prepared for their second-to-last home, in a burrito or bowl. Then, your belly.

Unreal process to behold — the restaurant cuts costs by purchasing whole chickens, and then hires the personnel to prep the meat, passing along tons of savings and using only the highest quality hormone-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, free range chicken to YOU.

About Draper Valley Farms in Washington

“Draper Valley Farms has been a Northwest tradition since 1935. Our guiding principle of THE WAY NATURE INTENDED® is why our chicken is always fresh and raised in a natural and humane method.

Draper Valley Guiding Principles: The Way Nature Intended®
1) Our Raising Practices

  • No Antibiotics, No Added Hormones … EVER!®
  • Family-owned ranches in Oregon and Washington.

2) Our Ingredient Sourcing

  • 100% Vegetarian feed is given to the chickens.
  • No animal fats or by-products – EVER!

3) Our Commitment to Sustainable Practices

  • Sustainable Farming methods in place at all of our ranches.
  • Every effort taken to recycle and conserve water and energy.”

Visit the website of Draper Valley Farms for more info on their chicken and other sustainably farmed products.

And visit the Laughing Planet Facebook page, check it out, LIKE them, and if you haven’t already, make sure to pay them a visit real soon to see for yourself!

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  1. Hello!
    I’ve eaten Draper Valley chicken for years. It’s been great! Lately, I noticed on their packages that they state it is “distributed by” Draper Valley. Have they been bought out? I hope not!
    Thank you!

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