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If you’re an avid public radio listener in the Pacific Northwest, or a public radio podcast fan elsewhere, you’re probably familiar with Live Wire! Radio. After all, their audience has grown to 1.9 million listeners over the past year. But, if the existence of Live Wire! is news to you, let us clue you in.

Live Wire! Radio is a public radio variety show hosted by Luke Burbank, and recorded before a live studio audience in Portland, Oregon’s historic Alberta Rose Theater. And when they say “variety,” they mean it.

A Live Wire! show typically features a thoroughly irresponsible assortment of misfits, including musicians, comedians, poets, comic book artists, authors, actors, restauranteurs, academics, filmmakers, dancers,  jugglers, luminaries, ne’er-do-wells, cyborgs, and wild animals. Mostly true.

Recent guests include sex advice columnist Dan Savage, public radio icon Ira Glass, Portland favorites 1939 Ensemble, comedian Reggie Watts, poet Carrie Seitzinger, and The Dandy Warhols.

Musical Craigslist ads? Check! Comedy skits? Of course! Intimate performances from your favorite musicians? Enlightening conversations? Startlingly original performance art? All present and accounted for.

It stimulates. It educates. It’s ridiculous, enthralling, hilarious, and inspiring. If you think radio stopped being entertaining when television captured the public imagination, brace yourself. This isn’t your grandpa’s radio show, unless he’s a hip old gent, in which case, he’ll probably love it to.

Live Wire! Radio uses the power of public radio to bring the intimacy of live theater to the masses. Live Wire! wants to introduce you to really cool people doing amazing things. Live Wire! aims to bring the arts to the airwaves, and in doing so, reward artists for their hard work and listeners for their attention.

At Laughing Planet Cafe, we believe in Live Wire! Radio’s mission. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of their ridiculous hijinks. We see them as a valued partner in the fight to keep our fair city as weird as possible. If you’d like to join us in supporting these rambunctious radio raconteurs, we’re sure they’d appreciate the assistance.

Check out their website for show dates, podcasts, tickets, and more. And, if you’re in Portland, you can check out Live Wire! in person. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll take up knitting or start a band. You’ll stop by Laughing Planet for a delicious, nutritious burrito (we hope).

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