Veganism Debunked: Dispelling Myths About Veganism

To Vegan or Not to Vegan? Answering Concerns About Vegan Diets

While it’s certainly been on the mainstream radar for at least a couple decades now, there’s still plenty of misinformation circulating about veganism. Is it healthy or harmful? Does veganism really help reduce the environmental impact of food consumption? Is it more ethical to avoid eating animals and animal products?

While the last question will inevitably remain controversial, the nutritional risks and environmental consequences of veganism can be concretely assessed. Some critics allege that veganism puts its adherents at greater risk for malnutrition; supporters contend that in fact it helps combat pandemic public health issues. Other critics claim that some vegan products may actually harm the environment, while proponents conversely claim that the environmental benefits of avoiding animal products are indisputable.

Well, if you were looking for some clear answers in a readily intelligible (and quite attractive format), you need look no further than the following infographic from Column Five and Ethical Ocean:

Veganism Debunked Infographic

Veganism Debunked Infographic


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