Fizzy Lizzy Healthy Sodas

Fizzy Lizzy Healthy Sodas

Recently, Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland switched over to a brand new soda company. Ever on the quest to provide the most flavorful products that cross that line into extreme health, Fizzy Lizzy represents a wonderful brand in the world of sodas. Soda? Really, we’re talking about fruit juice that’s mixed with “fizzy water with no added sugars or preservatives and an average of around 60% juice per bottle,” according to the brand. And Fizzy Lizzy comes in no less than seven flavors, all of which look pretty satisfying and delicious.

The Breakdown of Flavors From Fizzy Lizzy

They did this for you (and for us!) so we can just copy and paste the information here, and make you salivate for some of their fizzy fruit juices (quoted from their site — a link over to them is at the bottom of this article):

  • Our Raspberry Lemon will transport you to sun-drenched days of summer.
  • From the vineyards of Washington’s Yakima Valley, our Yakima Grape tastes so authentic you’ll wonder where the seeds are.
  • Grapefruit lovers, you’ve found your drink.
  • Winner of the sofi™ Silver medal for “Outstanding Cold Beverage” and subject of critical acclaim, our Pineapple continues to inspire breathless fan mail.
  • Fuji Apple. A crisp fall day at the orchard, in a bottle.
  • Light and tart, our Cranberry is always refreshing. And so versatile.
  • Tropical paradise bottled. That’s our Tangerine Passion Fruit.

Still have questions? Check out their FAQs; They also put up a really nice comparison page on the site here, that lists the competitors, and what’s really different (and better!) about Fizzy Lizzy.


Visit them online here:

Fizzy Lizzy Sodas

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