Benefits of Green Juicing

Get Your Juice On… Today!
health benefits of green juiceGreen juicing has been a hot topic among health enthusiasts lately. Movies have been made about it, and juicer sales almost doubled in 2012. And, the trend shows no signs of slowing down. More and more people are discovering the benefits of green juicing.
So, why all of the interest in green juice? As it turns out, there are plenty of reasons to get out the greens and fire up the juicer. Not only is it tasty when prepared correctly, but proponents tout health benefits as well.


Two and a half cups of vegetables per day is one recommended allotment for the average adult, but that varies, depending on who you’re asking. Some experts recommend more. For many folks raised on meat and potatoes, that seems like a lot of vegetables. But, when it comes to juicing, it’s quite easy to go through that amount, or even more. This makes it easy to increase your veggie intake, even if you don’t enjoy shoveling salad down your throat all day.

Nutrient Absorption

Juicing also makes the nutrients in the vegetables more bioavailable, which means the body can absorb them more quickly and easily. This is very important to those of us who have been eating less than optimum diets, which tend to decrease the efficiency of our digestive tracts. So, not only does juicing make it easy to eat more veggies, but it also wrings the maximum benefit from the ones we do consume.


Juicing makes it easier to consume servings of veggies we know are good for us, but some of us just can’t stomach. This is not to say you should juice large amounts of broccoli, if it upsets your stomach, but if you work it in with some cucumber, apple, or spinach, you’ll probably do just fine with it.

Health and Green Juicing

Whether you are incorporating green juice into your diet to up your veggie consumption, or using it as a detox fast, the benefits are vast. Proponents say it boosts immunity, increases energy levels, balances the pH level in the body, purges toxins, and encourages healthy cell growth.

It has been used to treat obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer, blood sugar conditions, and the list just keeps going.

So, give green juicing a try. Your body will thank you.


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