Doing Thanksgiving in an Eco-Friendly Way: Tips and Tricks

Making Thanksgiving About More Than Just the Food


Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s meant to remind us about all we have to be thankful for, despite what may be historically dubious origins. The feasts, plethora of miniature pumpkins, and abundance of turkey sandwiches the day after all make Thanksgiving one of the best fall holidays for so many people.

And it’s super easy to forget about being thankful for what you have, especially when you’re out buying tons of canned cranberries, pumpkin pie, and more napkin rings than one person should theoretically ever own. There are many ways you can keep your Thanksgiving holiday an eco-conscious and environmentally friendly affair. Here are just a few!

Donate Cans to Charity This Thanksgiving

Many people struggle to feed themselves every day, and not just on November 26. You can help out by donating cans of food such as black beans, chicken noodle soup, or sweet potatoes to your local food bank or neighborhood school, if they’re collecting them for charity.

You can also volunteer as a food server at your local homeless shelter for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, rather than throwing around that football with your nieces and nephews for an extra hour.

Shop Local Produce for Turkey Day

By purchasing the brunt of your Thanksgiving feast at the local farmers market, you are supporting local businesses and making healthy food decisions, too. After all, local produce from just three blocks away is more environmentally friendly than those bananas that had to be shipped from Chile!

Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home

The weekend around Thanksgiving tends to be one of the most heavily traveled times of the year, yet the abundance of cars on the road also means an abundance of carbon monoxide emissions, and tons of fossil fuel usage, too.

This year, try to reduce your travel by either staying at home with the family, or trying to get a carpool to your friends’ or family’s home instead. And if you are flying, you can purchase carbon credits to offset the amount of carbon dioxide produced by your flight.

Boycott TV Football on Thanksgiving?!

Instead of watching another football game on television (one team or another will win, right?) why not gather your beloved family members and throw a football directly at their faces?

This way, you can spend some quality family time with them and still feel the thrill of participating what just may be near-bloodsport with your loved ones! It also reduces the amount of electricity you would be using by watching television for hours at a time.

Enjoy a (Romantic) Candlelit Dinner This Thanksgiving

candle lit thanksgiving dinnerThanksgiving dinners can be extremely long, especially once your uncle breaks out the war stories, so why not light up your beautiful feast with many candles? You will save massively on your electricity bill and get to enjoy your family member’s faces illuminated by romantic and pilgrim-like candlelight!

You can also invest in multiple fall-themed scented candles (go, pumpkin spice!) to use throughout the rest of the house.

Going Green This Thanksgiving

This uniquely American holiday can be unfortunately and unnecessarily stressful and wasteful – but by utilizing these green tips, it is possible to have an environmentally friendly and happy Thanksgiving holiday that you share guilt-free with family and friends!

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