Simple Ways to Make Your 2013 Greener

Laughing Planet and an Even Better Year in 2013

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These days, most of us are concerned with environmental stewardship. After all, if we destroy the Earth, where will we live? While fixing our environmental issues is a complex undertaking, and won’t happen overnight, there are plenty things that we can do to help out, most of which don’t require too much effort. So, what are some simple ways to make your 2013 greener?

Save Energy

Unless you’re living “off the grid,” every bit of energy you use has some type of environmental impact. Minimize your carbon footprint by washing your clothes in cold water, instead of hot. When they’re done washing, hang them out to dry, or use a drying rack instead of a dryer.

You can also save energy by toning down your use of your home’s heating and air conditioning. Setting the thermostat just a few degrees warmer in the summer, and a few degrees cooler during wintertime can have a pronounced affect on your energy usage.

Appliances that are not in use can be unplugged to save even more energy. Some electrical devices draw current even when they are off, and eliminating this phantom energy use conserves power. You can make this easier by using power strips to turn cut power to multiple appliances with the flip of a switch.

If you have a home office, or things like phone chargers, televisions, computers and peripherals like scanners or printers, making sure they’re all unplugged before you go to sleep is an easy step to conserving energy. Saving energy is not only good for the environment, but it can also save you money!

Green Transportation Options

If you live close to work, consider walking or biking. Find a company to work for, like Laughing Planet, where we help our employees out whenever they bike or walk to work. You’ll spend less on gas, and you’ll look and feel better. If you work farther from home than you’re interested in pedaling, consider taking mass transit. Going by bus or rail is much more environmentally friendly than driving. Plus, you might make some new friends.

Reuse Everything (Almost)

Reusing can dramatically cut down on landfill waste. Going to the market? Bring your own bags. Thirsty? Forget bottled water. Use a reusable bottle, instead. In the market for some new duds or furniture? Check out resale stores and garage sales. Reusing means less pollution from shipping and production, and less waste. Not only that, but buying used means less worry about the sources of your products.

Vote With Your Dollars

Think of every dollar you spend as a vote. When you buy dish detergent that is phosphate free, or bath tissue that is recycled, for example, you are casting our vote in favor of these products, and against the alternatives. When you buy regular produce, instead of organic, you are voting for pesticides on your veggies (and in the groundwater).

Thinking of each dollar as a vote can make it a lot easier to stand by your ethics. And, if we all voted for more environmentally-conscious products, the market for their irresponsible alternatives would dry up. While some might dismiss this as “pie in the sky” thinking, few can deny that when money talks, businesses listen.

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