INFOGRAPHIC: Holiday Waste From Thanksgiving to New Years Day

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas and More

This has been a bit of an early holiday season prep week here on the blog, and today’s installment of information happens to be about the amount of waste that may all too often go overlooked when it comes to the holiday season. With Halloween right around the corner, and Thanksgiving soon on the heels of that, before we know it, December will be here. And then look out!

We found this great infographic that details just how much of an increase happens in the typical American household between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and it’s pretty absurd. When you consider how much food gets wasted, how much wrapping paper and decoration, the gas used for holiday travel, and more, it’s amazing just how overboard we tend to go. If there’s one thing we could do this year come holiday season, it’s to think a bit more about our behavior and its effects, and to take a few simple steps to curb our high levels of waste.

INFOGRAPHIC: Holiday Waste

Holiday Waste Infographic

[Infographic Via: econesting]

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