National Sorry Charlie Day Videos

Celebrating Charlie You Bit Me! Day in Style

Nearly half a dozen years ago, Charlie bit his brother’s finger, hurling the famous duo into a kind of celebrity status that is limited to very, very few individuals. Most of us only participate. Nearly all of us spread the news like a virus. Without much time under its belt, the Charlie Bit Me video quickly became the most watched video of all time on YouTube (the title has since been usurped). As it stands today, and according to the Official Charlie Bit Me Wikipedia Entry (that is correct, it actually exists and it is ROBUST, people), the video “remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video.”

How much do we need to tell you? Probably not much more. Chances are, you’ve already seen this. If you have, then it’s still good for a laugh. Ponder the phenomenon. This is our world now, people. If you haven’t seen it, then welcome to what you’re doing today. In the wake of Charlie’s accident sprang forth dozens of spoof videos, some of which we’ve also included here. A simple YouTube search on the video will yield hours and hours of maximum pleasure. And we won’t keep you waiting any longer…

Original Charlie Bit My Finger YouTube Video

Charlie Bit Me YouTube Spoof Video Selection
Charlie Bit My Finger! (Animated Version)

Charlie Bit My Finger! (Arabic Version)

HDCYT: Charlie Bit My Finger… Off! (Remix)

Charlie Bit My Finger! (Debbie Wang version)

Charlie Bit My Finger! (Blood remake)

Do you have a favorite spoof version that we missed? Please drop a comment below and leave a link over to your favorite spoof version of the Charlie Bit Me video now!

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