All the Coolest Things About Canada

Taking a Poke at Our Neighbors to the North
Canada, Americas Hat
So what’s new with Canada these days? If you’re like us, then you’ve already seen the popular and silly bumper sticker above, touting the super chic head-wear that is our neighbor, Canada. This is of course map humor, a fairly niche-oriented and highly debatable form of silliness. But I digress…

Maybe you don’t know that much about the great stuff to come out of Canada — after all, in history books, we pay next to no attention at all to anything but ourselves. So what gives? What’s Canada known for? Can we make fun of them for things besides being ridiculously nice humans? Let’s find out…

Famous Inventions From Canada and Canadians

Dr. James Naismith, Inventor of the Basketball. And Canadian.

Dr. James Naismith, Inventor of the Basketball. And Canadian.

Did you know that Canada invented the basketball? We saw this written on a Canada-based website, and decided that it was a fact that had been vetted enough. After all, if you can find it on the Internet, then it’s obviously true. So they invented the basketball in Canada. Go with it. The same website also said they invented cable t.v., which is a bit more difficult to believe, as it’s not really an object like a ball. Did they invent the cable? The tv hookup that enables cable television? The concept? Doesn’t matter. Consider it Canadian.

Canada also apparently has more clean water than any other nation. Did they invent clean water? No. They just have more of it than you and your country. Maybe you should consider being nice to Canada, since the world’s supply of water is running out.

Interesting Facts About Canada Seen From an American’s Perspective

While it sounds awful, it’s mostly true: Americans care a lot about America, and pretty much nothing else in the way of other countries. So from our vantage point, one of the interesting geographical tidbits about Canada that resonates with us is the fact that at 5,525 miles, (including the border with Alaska), the border between our two countries is the longest one in the world.

Canada is also the second largest country in the world, behind Russia at number one. For Americans, this is terrible because we love coming in first in everything. It is also sad for Americans to admit that Charles Fenerty, a Halifax, Canada poet, was the first person to use wood fibers to make paper. Here’s a link to a list of famous Canadian literati. Not bad, Canada.

Drugs are cheaper in Canada, too. Not that kind, silly — prescription drugs, of course. If you can get on the Internet, then you can safely find a Canadian drug retailer and get your prescriptions filled for less. And God knows how Americans are hooked on their prescriptions these days. Almost as popular as water down here.

 More Notable Canadian Inventions, This Time in List Form

  • Butter substitute
  • Anti-gravity Suit
  • 5-Pin Bowling
  • IMAX
  • First patented Light bulb AND Lacrosse
  •  Walkie-Talkie
  • Washing Machine

Cheers to Canada!

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