Food Safety, Kitchen Prep and Holiday Shopping Issues

Is It Time to Prepare for Holiday Shopping Already?

Sets of Kitchen Knives

If you plan on working right up until the last minute again this year, then try to start your holiday shopping early. You’ll avoid embarrassment when you just can’t seem to come up with the perfect something for your loved ones, and you end up having to buy some horrible sweatshirt or pajama set that you find out later, no one really wants.

If you’ve got a foodie in your family (after all, this is a food and restaurant blog), the shopping can be a relatively easy task that you can have some fun with, all while doing the dirty work right here on the Internet. For instance, let’s talk about both food safety and kitchen prep issues. Every person who has ever tinkered around in the garage on any kind of fabricating project knows that the right tools make the job easy. Should we think about cooking differently, when it comes down to it?

After all, the kitchen itself functions as a kind of garage. Sure, it’s cleaner, and probably smells a lot better, but really — it’s a workshop for food. So the translation from one environment to the other isn’t that difficult to navigate, and the idea of “tools for the job” begins to make sense. What about prep tools, like a high quality set of kitchen knives? Sound like a good idea, when it comes to outfitting your loved one’s kitchen workspace with some tools to help them get the job done right?

What foodie doesn’t love something like that. Think about it. The box they come in is pretty big, and definitely heavy, if you add in a wooden block to hold the utensils. And these are instruments that can be useful right away, while still providing the recipient with a challenge, and some tools to grow in to, if you get them a whole set. What about gift ideas that pair a high quality cheese knife, for instance, with a few select artisan cheeses?

Let’s say your kids are finally settled into their new homes. They’ve spent a fortune getting the place into top shelf condition, renovating parts of the place that needed serious work. They’re back to work, sleeping well, and fresh out of cash. Do you want them to have to eat out at restaurants every night? Why not help them to outfit their kitchens in style, with utensils, gadgets, and small appliances instead?

Here’s another great idea, especially if you’re shopping for health nuts, or anyone who you think might easily get turned on to juicing. Brands like KitchenAid offer high quality, stylish, and sturdy juicers that can handle the hard work of grinding up ginger, berries, leafy greens like kale and chard, citrus, apples, carrots, cucumbers, beets, and more — all the great veggies and fruits that make the act of juicing such a healthy experience.

With gifts like these, your loved ones will be juicing, cooking, and eating at home, saving money on food-related expenses, spending time together in their new home, and thinking of you every night when they start the evening meal. And with the right tools for the job, they’ll be safer, and find that doing the work of cooking is as easy as it ought to be.

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