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Who doesn’t love blueberries? They’re delicious! Whether you’re eating them by the handful, putting them on your cereal, mixing them into your pancakes, or adding them to a fruit smoothie, there’s nothing else quite like them.

What’s more, they’re actually quite good for you. They are rich in antioxidants, so they protect your body’s cells. They’re also chock full of vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber. As all berries do, they have a relatively low glycemic index, so they’re an excellent choice as a sweet treat that won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

On the South Santiam River, slightly east of Lebanon, Oregon is a pastoral little slice of heaven known as Springbank Farm. This fertile land has been farmed since the 1800s, but these days, its principal crop is… blueberries!

Husband and wife co-owners Brian and Michelle O’Driscoll left the city life in Portland for life on the farm back in 2009, and never looked back. Brian’s parents were retiring from working the fields, and he felt a strong pull to return to his agrarian roots. Michelle grew up in the city, but she was an eager convert to the rural lifestyle.

Inspired by the positive impact a rural upbringing was having on their own three children, the O’Driscolls decided to open a farm camp for the youth of the community. At farm camp, kids ages 5-10 learn practical skills, develop friendships, build character, and have adventures unlike anything they’d be likely to experience in the city.

Springbank grows eight delectable varieties of blueberries on the 12 acres of land they’ve devoted to the crop. They use only organically approved applications on their field, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

If you’re a blueberry lover living in Oregon, chances are good that you’ve savored the bounty of Springbank Farm. They provide blueberries to local restaurants, groceries, schools, and hospitals.

Since we’ve been talking about blueberries, chances are good that you’re craving them as bad as I am. At Springbank Farm, you can pick them right off the vine when they’re in season, or purchase them frozen when they’re not.

Another great way to get your Springbank Farm Blueberry fix is to stop by your local Laughing Planet for one of our “Berry Berry Good” smoothies or our Blueberry Hand Pies. We source all of our blueberries from Springbank Farm, and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

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