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Where Does All That Amazing New Kale Come From?

lacinato kale

With the recent addition of a beautiful kale salad to the menu at Laughing Planet, we thought our fans and customers might be wondering exactly where we are currently sourcing the goods from. With every bit of the Highway to Kale salad coming from local purveyors, the kale we’re currently using finds its roots at home in the Mustard Seed Farm, not too far away in St. Paul, Oregon.

So who exactly is behind the growing of this amazing kale? David and Nancy Brown, that’s who. And they’ve been doing their cultivation in St. Paul (Newberg) for decades, all the way back to 1965, in fact. With organic certification coming as early in the process as 1991, the Brown’s farm has more than eighty total acres falling under organic certification. Not bad for a family farm operation here in Oregon.

More Information on Mustard Seed Farm, St. Paul, Oregon

Mustard Seed Organic Farm, OregonWith the farm in fairly heavy production for about ten months out of the year, Mustard Seed has partnered with Laughing Planet Cafe for the spring rotation of our new Highway to Kale salad, which features Lacinato kale tossed with locally made queso fresco and organic carrots, topped with a lemon-parsley vinaigrette and sprinkled with dried local cranberries and pumpkin seeds — with all ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

David and Nancy Brown have stayed true to their local roots, with the site of the current Mustard Seed Farm just a few paces down the road from the very first location of the operation, back in 1965. Beyond just growing food and selling it to local retailers, restaurants, and farmers markets, the duo also operates a Community Garden, which has been going strong now for thirty years. If you live in the Newberg / St. Paul area, and you wish to participate in the Community Garden, contact the Browns for details. There’s a small fee involved, and members are expected to work in exchange for produce.

Sign Up For the Mustard Seed Farm CSA Program Now

Several purveyors and growers like Mustard Seed Farms participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs, and for 2013, the Browns have space for a few new members. The impressive roster of produce being offered through the CSA program this year includes more than two dozen veggies, together with over 100 varieties. With this kind of production, participants are just about guaranteed plenty of diversity on offer every week of the program.

Learn more about the CSA program at Mustard Seed Farm now.

Learn more about Mustard Seed Farm in St. Paul, Oregon, now.

[Photo Via: Local Foods; Mustard Seed Organic]

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