Peak Moment Episode 211: Polyface Farmer Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin on Peak Moment, From April 26, 2012

“Peak Moment 211: Innovative farmer Joel Salatin says sustainable agriculture requires both perennials (like native grasses) and herbivores (like cattle) to build soil. Mimicking patterns from nature, this maverick Virginia farmer rotates cattle followed by chickens into short-term pasture enclosures, where their poop fertilizes the earth. His new book ‘Folks, This Ain’t Normal’ is a critique of the industrial food system, and envisions a future where humans are participants in a regenerative, sustaining community of abundance. []”

For a near-transcript of Joel’s presentation that evening, visit

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  1. HI friends, We’re happy to see our Peak Moment conversation with Joel Salatin on your site, and hope you embed many other of our programs. As I read your content categories, I see have a lot of shared interests — the environment, food, composting, sustainable living. Plus, shelter, energy, resources, relationships, sharing, cooperation.
    Janaia, host and producer of Peak Moment TV

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