8 Ways to Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time!

Doing More for the Planet

money savings and environment

Money and the environment: there used to be a time when these two forces were opposed; but in 2017, they go hand in hand. Some of the best ways to save money is through environmental savings, eight of which we have listed below, so let’s take a look.

Swap to a Green Energy Tariff

Almost all the major electric companies are now offer green tariffs to their consumers, which pledge to customers they help to a certain level with sustainability. The green tariff might help in different, they won’t all conform the same way, some will donate a portion of your tariff to an environmental fund or research project, others will make sure some or all your energy comes from renewable sources, such as tidal, wind or solar power for example.

As you can guess, it’s not just saving the environment, but green tariffs will also save you money. A green tariff will cost the same as a duel fuel tariff at worst, plus different companies will be competing trying to offer the best green tariff, so it would be the perfect cover to change energy supplier at the same time.

When Driving, Be More Careful

Changing driving habits can save a pretty penny the next time you go to the forecourt to fill up. It doesn’t involve buying a new car either, cut out simple things such as breaking and accelerating hard which require more fuel than a steady increase or decrease would.

Don’t have a roof rack, or at least use a removable one as the drag can use up 2-5% of the fuel in your tank, speaking of unnecessary fuel use, electronic systems also siphon off precious fuel, air conditioning being a prime example. Lastly, keep within the speed limit, it’s not just to fill police coffers but can conserve fuel by going slower and at a steady rate.

Saving Energy at Home and Work

This shouldn’t be a tip, just more of a reminder, turn lights off when not in the room, don’t leave appliances on standby switch them off instead. Finally, only turn on and use the central heating when it’s needed, as that’s the mega money drainer.

Support Green Businesses

Many businesses are trying to do their part in helping the environment. Show them your support by shopping with them or using their services. You’ll be helping them, help the world.

Use Your Library

The amount we spend yearly on various forms of entertainment; books, CD’s and DVD’s in particular, can be saved and joining and using the local library. This route could slash hundreds of pounds a year you spend buying as well as slashing the amount of packaging you consume and discard in a year at the same time.

Alter Your Computer Settings

The default settings of your computer are never set for energy efficiency, so altering them should be priority and using the sleep and hibernating options if the PC is not being used, if it’s not going to be needed for an hour or more, switch it off to save more energy.

Grow Your Own

You don’t have to sacrifice much garden space to produce your own fruit and vegetables, neither do you have to splash the cash on fancy equipment or seed packets. Ask for cuttings or seeds off a friend or neighbor and save money on the weekly shopping bill. The added environmental bonus of course is the packaging saved from store bought produce and the thousands of miles it had to travel to get to your supermarket, so called ‘food miles’.

Save Paper Usage

Again, a pretty simple and well known and used method of cutting stationary bills and saving a few more trees from the chop, use both sides of the paper and scrap paper for the odd notes, shopping lists etc. As with PC’s, printers are not optimized for energy efficiency so again a tweak here and there will be needed, lastly never forget to recycle where possible.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

The long term savings of rechargeable batteries make them a good investment despite the pricier upfront price you will have to pay for them; the amount saved can be large, especially with battery prices constantly rising. As for the environment, discarded batteries have one of the worst effects on the environment out of all household waste, so the less used the better.

Well, that’s all we have time for I’m afraid! Many of the money and environment saving tips we listed above are just a few of the hundreds of ways that are available online; we strongly suggest having a rummage through internet to find the rest if you liked what you saw in this article.

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