How Restaurants Can Honor Earth Day 2013

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, that special day when we all spend a little extra time thinking about how the way we live affects the planet, is rapidly approaching. This holiday has turned into quite a big deal, and with good reason.

Since Earth Day’s inception in the 1970’s, it’s observance has spread worldwide. Over 500 million people celebrate earth day each year, and if you’re a restaurant owner, chances are excellent that many of your customers (and you too, hopefully) are included in that number.

Celebrating Earth Day in your restaurant is a great way to help increase your customers’ awareness of environmental issues, and to show them that your business is on board with saving the earth, too.

So, what can restaurants do to honor Earth Day?

Encourage Eco-Friendly Living

One great way to honor Earth Day is to incentivize your customers to do something good for the planet. You can offer free coffee to those who bring their own cups.

Providing meal discounts to those who bring their own reusable takeout containers is another method of encouraging climate-friendly behavior. Not only that, but each person who brings their own container reduces your restaurant’s waste.

Those who come to your restaurant by bus, light rail, bike, or on foot, can also be offered special deals for getting there in a responsible way. Any time you can eliminate an extra car trip, or encourage folks to get some exercise, it’s a good thing. Not only that, but if they walk, bike, pogo stick, or skate, they’ll arrive with healthy appetites. Bon Appetit!

Go Sustainable!

This is a good idea any day of the year, but especially on Earth Day. Create entrees, and appetizers, and serve beer and cocktails, all from sustainable, local sources, if possible.

Earth Day is an excellent time to introduce new vegan and vegetarian items, as well. Some trendy restaurants even go all vegan for Earth Day. You don’t necessarily have to go to that extreme, though. Why the emphasis on veggies?

Well, meat production, especially the factory farm variety, is a major contributor to climate change. Are you wondering just how much industrial agriculture really contributes to greenhouse emissions? More than all of the cars, planes, motorcycles, and trains put together.

People do love meat though, so make sure the meat your restaurant serves is sustainably produced and humanely raised. Your clients, the animals, and the planet will thank you!

Lend a Hand on Earth Day

Another way that restaurants can contribute to a greener future is by donating a portion of their profits on Earth Day to reputable environmental organizations. Protecting our environment is a tough job, and they can use all the help they can get.

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