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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thai Coffee Culture

A Rising Star in the Global Coffee Industry

fair trade coffee thailand

When you think of the countries that are major coffee exporters around the globe, places like Columbia and Ethiopia likely come to mind. But over the past 30 years, Thailand has experienced significant growth within their coffee industry, and may soon be commonly known around the world for their unique approach to coffee production.

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All About Oregon Mushrooms

oregon mushrooms

When you think about it, mushrooms are pretty strange. They reproduce via spores. They’re not animals, but they’re not plants, either. Some will kill you dead if you take even a bite, a few will basically drive you temporarily insane, and others are totally harmless and delicious. Some people even think mushrooms are beings from outer space, but those folks may have eaten too many of the second variety.

Whatever the case may be, the Pacific Northwest and Oregon in particular are fertile hunting grounds for a wide variety of mushrooms. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Best Seasonal Winter Vegetables

seasonal winter vegetables in the northwest

There are plenty of benefits to eating veggies that are in season. First, when they’re in season, vegetables are typically much less expensive. That’s because out-of-season veggies often have to be shipped long distances before they make it to grocery store shelves. Transporting tons of produce across the world isn’t cheap, nor is it sustainable. Plus, out-of-season vegetables are more scarce, and the law of supply and demand applies to them, just as it would any commodity.

In-season veggies are also fresher than out-of-season ones, more nutritious, and often much more flavorful. Plus, only eating what’s in season ensures that you get a wide variety of produce throughout the year.

While you might not think of the winter as “harvest time,” here in the Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of delicious veggies that you can grow in your backyard garden, even when it’s cold outside. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Profile on Knee Deep Cattle Company

knee deep cattle company laughing planet

If you’ve done your research on beef, you understand that it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re meat-buying dollars are supporting. As factory farming and industrial agriculture practices have become more and more common in the cattle industry, it’s become more important than ever to pay attention to where your meat is coming from.

Some cattle are raised in overcrowded inhumane conditions which are ideal breeding grounds for diseases. Because sicknesses spread so easily through populations of animals raised in these situations, it becomes necessary to use antibiotics to keep the animals alive until they can be brought to market.

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Profile on Reister Farms in Washougal ,WA

reister farms lamb

A Family Tradition

Reister Farms is a third generation family-owned farm, located in the Pacific Northwest. Originally established in 1957, in McMinville, Oregon, they now base their operations in Washougal, Washington.

While Reister Farms has raised different crops and animals over the years, they are best known for their sheep. Their breeding stock is well-known in the sheep husbandry world, and their lamb meat is highly regarded.

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