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Designing a Restaurant Menu

Menu Makeover

Menu Makeover

Even if you have a successful restaurant you have to do everything in your power to ensure that that success is a long lasting one. One of the best ways to bring in new customers and keep the ones you currently have is to redesign your menu. Having a good meal is one of the main reasons people go to a restaurant, and you’ve got to keep them coming back for new and exciting foods and flavors that they’ve never tried before. You are the guide on an exploration into the world of cuisine, and the menu is the map. Continue reading

Current Local Beer Selection at Laughing Planet on Belmont

Craft Beers From the Pacific Northwest, All the Time
Laughing Planet Cafe Belmont: Beer Selection October 2012 From time to time, we will highlight the beer selection at one of our restaurant locations, and give you a brief bit of background on the brewery, as well as a link to their website. Check them out — we hand select each beer, and do our best to represent all the great breweries of the Pacific Northwest, featuring finely crafted seasonal selections whenever available. Continue reading

Sauvie Island Farms, Portland Oregon

Oh My Goodness, Summer and Fall Squash!
Sauvie Island Farms, Portland OR

Look at them beauties up there, would ya! Holy sweet so and so, the squash on coming out of Sauvie Island Farms this time of year is gorgeous. To highlight Laughing Planet Cafe’s continuing efforts to partner with local farms in the interest of eating locally grown produce, we thought we’d offer a little run down of some of our fall season veggies, sourced from both Deep Roots Farm (covered extensively in the last few weeks here on the blog), and Sauvie Island Farms.

In the coming weeks (and currently), Laughing Planet Cafe in Portland will be sourcing all of our Roma tomatoes from Deep Roots Farm. From The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, we’ll be getting the Yukon Gold potatoes for all the Laughing Planets in Portland for quite a while going forward. Kale for all the Laughing Planets in Portland for some time into the future will come from Deep Roots. And all coming winter squashes pictured above on Sauvie Island Farms will be from both of these fine partners. Continue reading

NW Braised Beef Bowl at Laughing Planet Cafe

 This Isn’t Going to Be Around Forever, Mind You… NW Braised Beef Bowl at Laughing Planet
The new seasonal special at Laughing Planet Cafe is now available at all locations in Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene. It won’t be around forever — maybe just another two or three weeks. If you love us for our locally selected produce and high quality ingredients, then you will not be disappointed by our first ever inclusion of beef in the menu.

Featuring 100% grass fed and finished beef from Wallowa’s own Carman Ranch, the NW Braised Beef Bowl also includes a special barbecue sauce which finds its base in locally grown blackberries. Tender, juicy meat that nearly falls apart on the plate and in your mouth.  Continue reading

Oregon Craft Beer Spotlight: Fearless Brewing Co., Estacada

From the Magical Waters of the Clackamas River…
Fearless Brewing Company, Estacada, OR
At Laughing Planet, we thoroughly believe in the partnerships we’ve created with local farmers, food purveyors and craft brewers. We try to only serve the very best that the northwest has to offer when it comes to craft beer, in every one of our restaurants. Today, a little spotlight on one of those breweries, the Fearless Brewing Company.

Located in Estacada, Oregon, just about an hour south of us here in Portland, Fearless Brewing Co. is as local as it can possibly get, combining down to earth attitude with northwest honesty and integrity. And it all comes out in the beer. With most of their beers going from grain to glass in 12-14 days, you better believe the stuff is fresh and crisp. Continue reading