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Simple Ways to Transform Your Home to a Green Residence

Making Life a Little More Green

energy saving tips for home

Admittedly, there is not a lot that you can do about how other people live their lives. As much as you would like to, you can’t really get people to live greener until they’re ready to do that for themselves. What you can do, however, is to make sure that every aspect of your life is as green as possible.

Much like with everything else, this endeavor needs to begin at home. Making sure that your home is as green and as energy conserving as possible, is the best way to start to live a greener life. Here are a few things that you can do that will not only help the planet out, but may also save you some money in the future. Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint

Pawprints and Footprints

sustainable animal tips

Our beloved pets are not only cute and furry, but they also produce a rather large carbon footprint, which many pet owners might be surprised to hear. Luckily, this can be reduced in a number of ways. A recent study cited in “Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living” notes that a dog is actually more harmful to the environment that a small Toyota. The majority of people will not simply give up their pets because of this statistic, however – nor should they!

With this in mind, there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce your pet’s carbon footprint without having to resort to giving up your animal. We’ll show you how! Continue reading

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Hanukkah in 5 Easy Steps

Celebrating the Holidays This Year in Style

Hanukkah is a special time of year when the simple act of lighting a candle symbolizes the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The fact that Hanukkah also involves latkes and eight days of presents doesn’t hurt!

It can be easy to get carried away with the festivities and use more energy than needed – here are five simple steps to help you have an environmentally friendly holiday!

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8 Ways to Have a Green, Environmentally Conscious Christmas

Getting the Whole Family to Go Green This Year

The only thing better than a white Christmas is a green Christmas! The holiday season can be hectic, what with your Great Aunt Bedelia demanding that you also house and feed her eight Persian cats during her visit. The children want a dog, and your husband wants a new MacBook, but what he really needs is a new set of nose hair trimmers.

And you? You just want a vacation. One way to reduce the stress of the holiday season is to make sure that your holiday celebrations are green and contribute to environmental sustainability! Below are eight ways you can have yourself a green Christmas and maybe even get to relax a bit in the process. Read on!

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5 Easy Ways You Can Save the Planet!

Seriously, People. Before It’s Too Late.


Climate change this, global warming that. If you’re present even the slightest little bit on any social media network or news and information site, then you already know that the believers and disbelievers are sharing the stage a bit too much these days when it comes to protecting and preserving the planet. So what can we do about it if we’re in the vocal (at-times) minority, hyper-concerned about the future of the planet?

Well, there are many ways that you can do your part to help save the planet from the imminent disaster that will be upon us, due to the drastic and terrible effects of global warming. If you are concerned about the health of the planet and have already installed solar panels, then try these five ways to add to your eco-conscious lifestyle and do your part! Continue reading