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Food Safety, Kitchen Prep and Holiday Shopping Issues

Is It Time to Prepare for Holiday Shopping Already?

Sets of Kitchen Knives

If you plan on working right up until the last minute again this year, then try to start your holiday shopping early. You’ll avoid embarrassment when you just can’t seem to come up with the perfect something for your loved ones, and you end up having to buy some horrible sweatshirt or pajama set that you find out later, no one really wants.

If you’ve got a foodie in your family (after all, this is a food and restaurant blog), the shopping can be a relatively easy task that you can have some fun with, all while doing the dirty work right here on the Internet. For instance, let’s talk about both food safety and kitchen prep issues. Every person who has ever tinkered around in the garage on any kind of fabricating project knows that the right tools make the job easy. Should we think about cooking differently, when it comes down to it? Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Fruits, Veggies, and Pesticides

Fruit, Veggies and Pesticides Infographic

Fruits and veggies, the cornerstones of a healthy diet, right? In the wake of so much “organic” talk and labeling on food products these days, one has to wonder if the fruits and veggies we pick up at the super market are actually still healthy for us, when farmers and growers are using pesticides to keep the super bugs away.

This handy infographic tries to draw a correlation between eating “healthy,” that is — fruits and veggies in abundance — and what actually happens when those otherwise healthy bites are laden with pesticides. Among the negative effects, researchers have concluded that pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables may lead to health risks and complications, including nerve disorders at one extreme.

What to do? Buy organic, which signifies that no harmful pesticides were used during the production of the fruit or veggies. Beyond that, you can shop local, and take advantage of neighborhood farmer’s markets, where you have the opportunity to build a relationship directly with the grower, who will let you know exactly what they use (and what they don’t!) when they farm. Continue reading

What’s the Matter with Additives?

Additives in Food – Benign or Harmful?

Food Additives - Food Safety Issues

Food Additives - Food Safety Issues

Much of the food we buy in supermarkets today are treated with one form of additive or another–whether it’s with a preservative, flavoring, coloring or nutritional supplement. Over 3,000 food additives have been approved by the FDA as fit for human consumption. Yet there are health risks that may warrant reconsideration for consumers.

Most additives go under the radar, however. When you see “spices” or “flavorings” on the ingredient list of a food item, those are simply placeholders for artificial flavorings like artificial sweeteners. This makes it difficult for consumers to identify what exactly they are consuming. Continue reading

Top 5 Food Safety Concerns

Is Our Food Safe?

Top 5 Food Safety Concerns

Top 5 Food Safety Concerns

Global food production has rapidly been consolidated in recent decades, with some troubling results. The takeover of the food industry by a few multinational corporations has radically shifted the focus of food production.

Increased competition and the imposition of the corporate structure have together led to a general preference for profitability over quality.

Unfortunately, cutting corners has become common practice across all aspects of food production–from waste management to the quality of animal feed to the technical training that farm and food workers receive. The consequences have largely come at the cost of consumers–and the safety of their food. Here are the 5 top consumer food safety concerns. Continue reading