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Environmental Impact of Development and Factory Farming

Progress, Development, and the Affect on the Environment
factory farming development and the environment

Part of what we encounter as civilization marches ever onward is the realization that the built environment doesn’t always “work” with the natural environment. Sometimes, this is a matter of real pollution that affects our water, soil, or air. Universities expand, business grow — prosperity is often the reward of hard work and the nurturing of a truly great idea, or a product that people really need to make their lives better or easier. But what about consideration of the environment, and how we impact the natural world around us?

Taking stock of how development and expansion impacts the environment should always be considered an essential component of growth, whether it’s growth of a corporate campus, or the growth of a successful ranching enterprise. Regardless of the type of development, there will be some type of undue influence on the environment and natural surroundings — trees, habitat, possibly wildlife, waterways, etc. — and all of it will need to be considered (for more information on conducting tree or environmental surveys before you begin development, click here). And today, we look at one type of modern development and its effects on the environment: factory farming. Continue reading

Facts About Global Warming: Know Your Environment

What’s Going on With Climate Change?

Bengal Tiger and Climate Change

Global warming is, probably, the most urgent issue in modern scientific investigations. Numerous experiments and observations are constantly being conducted in northern areas, oceanic coasts, and in certain parts of the
world’s various oceans, where both temperature and rising sea levels offer direct testimony on the seemingly rapid changes in climate conditions.

These experiments have touched on various environmental fields, including animal habitats (both terrestrial and aquatic), vegetation diversity, soils, our atmosphere, and general human livelihood, as we all well know. This collective body of amassed experience and gathered data has encouraged scholars to posit a few conclusions, possible prospects and arguments concerning the process and status of global warming. Continue reading

Winter’s Here: Have You Winterized Your House for Energy Efficiency Yet?

Preparing for the Oncoming Season: Winterize the Home Now

home energy audit

Here in the pacific northwest, the winter came upon us in one fell swoop, and as we listen to the radio news reports addressing the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the eastern seaboard, the same appears to be true across most of the country. Wow. In Portland, we went from a beautiful, long summer, to 3 days of fall before feeling the chill back in the air. All of which begs the question, have you prepared your home for the winter season, in terms of energy efficiency?

The methods aren’t anything particularly new or even expensive, but the rewards for your efforts, besides greater home energy efficiency and personal warmth while relaxing on your couch or eating dinner, include potentially substantial savings on your power bills. So how can you winterize your house without breaking the bank? Continue reading

How Energy Deregulation Can Help the Environment

Has Your State Deregulated Energy?

wind power basics

Many state governments have deregulated energy within their borders – and many more are considering it. What does this mean and how does it affect you? If you live in a state that has deregulated electricity, natural gas or both, you can benefit from what consumers in others states have learned, including how to switch electricity companies.

Traditionally, your local utility has generated your electricity at a regional power plant, probably powered by a fossil fuel such as coal or natural gas. The same utility company transports the electricity through wires it owns and distributes it to homes and businesses in its service territory. Consumers have no choice of who serves them. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Children and Nature

Teaching Your Kids About the Environment

If you’ve got kids, and you’re concerned about the state of the environment and the health of our planet, then you know it’s never too early to help your children form a lasting bond with nature. Beyond actually getting them out into greener pastures, the woods, camping adventures, the ocean and rivers around you, what else can you do?

Educate! This handy infographic makes a visual presentation about how much healthier kids end up when they are active, engaged with the outdoors, and brought up to be lovers of nature. Have you spent some time outside in nature with your kids lately? Here are a few reasons why it’s always a good idea.

Children and Nature INFOGRAPHIC