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Keeping Cool in Qatar Is Serious Business!

How a Desert City Provided the U.S. Dept. of Energy With Some Interesting Information

qatar cool

It’s important to stay cool in Qatar because it can get uncomfortably hot there, particularly during the summer months. Temperatures in this incredibly wealthy Persian Gulf state regularly soar well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit from around May through to September. In fact, many expats and tourists alike find great difficulty adjusting to the hot and humid summer heat.

Driving in and around Doha, Qatar’s capital city of just under 2 million people, is another aspect of daily life which causes expats more than just the odd headache or two. The insane levels of traffic are almost guaranteed to send the blood pressure rocketing, unless emotions are kept firmly in check. But all that aside, there are also huge compensations for the thousands of expats living and working in Qatar, not least the excellent personal banking services to take care of the mega salaries on offer! Continue reading

Snow Removal: Learn About Proper Snow Removal and Snow Blower Maintenance

Risks of Improper Snow Removal

Tips for Proper Snow Removal

Winter is coming, and with it a driveway covered in snow. When you need to get out and get to work you may not be thinking about the best ways to clear your driveway, but if you don’t do a little planning you could end up with larger issues than snow on the driveway. As you prepare for colder weather, make sure you understand the risks of improper snow removal.

Safety Tips for Snow Removal

Shoveling snow, especially when done incorrectly, can cause back pain. And if you’re older, the exertion of shoveling heavy wet snow may not be good for your health. Purchasing a snow blower may help ensure safer snow removal, but if you do use a shovel to remove ice or snow on walkways and porches, be sure to lift with your knees rather than your back and take frequent rests. You should also drink plenty of water afterwards as your body needs to rehydrate after that level of exertion. Continue reading

How Restaurants Can Honor Earth Day 2013

Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, that special day when we all spend a little extra time thinking about how the way we live affects the planet, is rapidly approaching. This holiday has turned into quite a big deal, and with good reason.

Since Earth Day’s inception in the 1970’s, it’s observance has spread worldwide. Over 500 million people celebrate earth day each year, and if you’re a restaurant owner, chances are excellent that many of your customers (and you too, hopefully) are included in that number.

Celebrating Earth Day in your restaurant is a great way to help increase your customers’ awareness of environmental issues, and to show them that your business is on board with saving the earth, too.

So, what can restaurants do to honor Earth Day?

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Why You Should Recycle Your Gadgets

Technology Is Moving Fast, and Obsolete Gadgets Multiply Rapidly

recycling e waste

The high-tech arms race has been going for some time now. You know the story: you buy a brand spanking new computer or mobile device, and it begins to seem antiquated, nearly as soon as you get it home. Most of us stick it out and try to get the most out of our devices for as long as possible, but as time passes, those shiny new gadgets get more and more enticing. Eventually, we surrender and cough up the cash for the hot new thing. How often?

Well, Moore’s Law is the observation that computing power tends to double approximately every two years, and as it happens, most of us replace our mobile devices just about on schedule with Moore’s Law. Many of us replace our laptops, desktops, and portable music players every two to three years. So, what happens to all of yesterday’s hot new tech things? Continue reading

Trees and the Environment

Clean Air, Natural Beauty, and So Much More

trees and the environment

Have you ever seen a map of your city’s tree canopy? Here in Portland, ours looks like this, and it’s pretty amazing to see the development take place over the last several years, thanks in large part to organizations like Friends of Trees. According to research statistics, the current tree canopy over our fair city covers approximately 26% of the land area here in Portland. City planners have pegged goals for development at closer to a third of the city. With great coverage coming from forest and natural areas close by the city’s interior, there is still a lot of positive work to be done in urban and industrial areas throughout the city. Continue reading