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8 Ways to Save Money and the Environment at the Same Time!

Doing More for the Planet

money savings and environment

Money and the environment: there used to be a time when these two forces were opposed; but in 2017, they go hand in hand. Some of the best ways to save money is through environmental savings, eight of which we have listed below, so let’s take a look. Continue reading

Extreme Weather: Can We Cope?

Learning How to Deal With Climate Change extreme weather

Regardless of the cause, there is little doubt that the Earth’s climate is changing and weather is becoming more extreme. We have seen more frequent hurricanes, more violent tornadoes, deadlier wild fires, and colder winters. Many parts of the world are suffering from drought conditions while others are suffering frequent floods following torrential downpours. Mudslides and landslides continue to cause havoc in the poorest communities while seaside resorts are being battered by violent winter storms.

Over the past year we have seen power supplies cut off for millions of people, rail networks shut down, huge swathes of the land flooded for weeks at a time, and whole communities trapped by snow. Overall we are coping at the moment, but climate change experts have predicted that this is only the beginning and that these extreme weather patterns will continue to get worse. Are we prepared for what is to come? Continue reading

Climate Change: How Will It Affect Future Housing?

Flooding, High Winds, and Wild Fires: What’s Going On?

polar ice caps melting

The issue of climate change is an inescapable one, with almost daily reports of the effects it is having upon the planet hitting the news. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising by almost 1.9 parts per million, per year, and subtle increases in temperature have set the ball rolling for some potentially catastrophic changes to the environment and the habitats of the earth. The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising and it seems the planet’s weather is becoming more unpredictable and severe as each season rolls by.

The effects of climate change can also be seen closer to home, quite literally, with severe weather causing damage to properties in the form of flooding, high winds and wildfires; families are being uprooted and in the most extreme cases communities destroyed. It is perhaps time to think about ways in which future houses can be protected against the effects of climate change. Continue reading

A New Book by Sheri Speede: Kindred Beings

sheri speede kindred beings book

Ever since she was a very young girl, Sheri Speede knew she wanted to work with animals, but she had no idea how far her youthful aspirations would take her.

After earning her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Louisiana State University, she moved to the Portland area, and in 1988, became a partner in Pacific Veterinary Hospital. She also served as Portland Veterinary Medical Association’s president.

During her tenure as a partner at PVH and president of the PVMA, Speede realized she wanted to help the animals for whom no one would speak. So, in the mid-90s she sold her share in the veterinary practice to become a full-time animal activist. She took on the role of Northwest director for In Defense of Animals, advocating for victims of industrial agriculture, animal testing, and circuses.

Continue reading

All About IDA – Africa

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In 1997, Portland veterinarian Dr. Sheri Speede made her first trip to Africa. Seeing the impact that the illegal bushmeat trade had on the local chimpanzee populations of Cameroon, she vowed that she would do something to help save the lives of the innocent primates affected.

And, she kept that vow, by founding IDA – Africa, a foundation dedicated to the safety and health of native great ape populations.

So, what is the bushmeat? It’s basically a synonym for wild game. Native hunters have been consuming wild animals for sustenance since prehistoric times, but as human populations have grown, many animal species have become endangered due to over-harvesting.

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