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Top 10 Easy Tips for Going Solar in Sacramento

Going Solar in California’s Capitol

The capital city of Sacramento, California is one of the best places to invest in alternative energy sources such as solar power panels. There is so much sun in California it seems only natural to utilize the organic energy available. There are at least 10 great things you can do to increase your utilization of solar power.

The city itself is home to numerous solar power companies, has multiple LEED buildings, and has one of the largest solar power installations in the city. Here are at least 10 things you can do in order to better prepare your home or business for going solar in the city of Sacramento.

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Solar Energy—How to Make the Sun Work for You

photovoltaic install

Once upon a time, the idea of solar energy was usually equated with self-sufficient desert dwellers and costly, heavy, awkward solar panels that never had much hope to be economically viable. Since then, solar projects engineering and installation has come a long way. Now, solar energy is more than viable for home use—with some home owners actually selling surplus energy gathered by their home solar panels to utility companies.

The truth is, solar energy is now not only viable on a small scale—small businesses, major corporations, and local and national governments are getting in on what has become a burgeoning industry. Developing sophisticated technology is a key reason that solar energy is making such inroads into both public and private sector business. One of the best green energy delivery systems that the solar industry has turned toward is photovoltaics (PV). Continue reading

Saving Energy in Your Local Area, From State to State

 wind turbine farm

We live in a world where we’re becoming more and more aware of the fact that coal and fuel can run out on us in the future. Because of this, it’s becoming vital for families, communities, and individuals to save energy, apply more efficient usage and to adopt renewable ways of generating energy.

But don’t think that this will cause you unnecessary stress, because it really isn’t as daunting as you might imagine.

It’s all about making a few simple lifestyle changes concerning the environment. Some are lifestyle changes to live more energy-efficiently, and others involve taking the step to implement renewable energy sources in your homes, schools, or apartment blocks. Neither of these changes will turn your life upside down, so there’s no need to worry about that. And what’s more, they’ll help you to save energy and scarce resources from the earth, creating a better world for your kids and their kids to live in one day. Continue reading

Profile on Portland Pedal Power

All About Portland Pedal Power

Portland Pedal Power

Portland, Oregon was ranked best bike city in the US for 2012. Portland earned Platinum status from the League of American Bicyclists, and is the only large city to do so.

The Rose City features over 180 miles of bike lanes, and nearly 80 miles of stand-alone bike paths. It was the first US city to utilize bike boxes at dangerous intersections, and is home to many bike shops. Six of every 100 commuters pedal to work here, more than any other major US city, and that number is on the rise. Continue reading

Wind Energy Production in the United States

How Oregon Plays a Part in Wind Turbine Development

wind turbine farm

2011 was characterized by growth in investment and development of renewable energy in the United States. Contrary to this notion, the financial support for wind power generation as an integral component of this industry has seen some decline (quoted in some sources as being as much as a 38% decline, leaving only $9.7 billion in development for wind energy). Moreover, start-up investments have declined by 71%.

Among the reasons behind such a negative trend, research indicates the break- through of some Chinese companies, which collectively rocked the list of top 10 wind turbine producers with no less than four companies (while in contrast, five years ago there were no Chinese companies on the list). Being the second largest player in wind energy sector, the USA possesses 20.3% of the global market in this sector, currently lagging behind China by 2.3%. Continue reading