Top 10 Easy Tips for Going Solar in Sacramento

Going Solar in California’s Capitol

The capital city of Sacramento, California is one of the best places to invest in alternative energy sources such as solar power panels. There is so much sun in California it seems only natural to utilize the organic energy available. There are at least 10 great things you can do to increase your utilization of solar power.

The city itself is home to numerous solar power companies, has multiple LEED buildings, and has one of the largest solar power installations in the city. Here are at least 10 things you can do in order to better prepare your home or business for going solar in the city of Sacramento.

Get Trees for Your Sacramento Home

The Sacramento Tree Foundation supplies customers with up to ten free trees to provide shade for your home and surrounding yard area. Cooling your home naturally during the hot summer months is also a great way to save on your electricity bills, aside from the power that solar panels will provide.

Get Energy and Water Efficient Programs

There are innumerable ways to save energy, increase your electricity and water efficiency, and the website Energy Efficient California is geared toward helping you do just that. Available programs range from finding a contractor to small but effective ways to save water usage in your home.

Utilize Available Energy/Water Rebates in Sacramento

There are multiple ways in which to obtain rebates for your energy and water usage. Two companies that are extremely helpful are the California Realtor’s Energy Audit Program, which helps with home energy audits, and Water Rebates for Residents, which helps you discover different kinds of water rebates available.

Check Burn Days for Fireplaces

Residents and businesses in Sacramento are banned from building and burning fires on certain days. Check to see which days are banned for your area before you burn, otherwise you could face some hefty fines.

Turf Replacement Program for Sacramento Homeowners

The city of Sacramento will pay you to take out your lawn. If you replace your turf with native and drought-resistant plants, you could receive up to $0.50 per square foot of replaced turf, up to approximately $1,000 is available in return.

Free Water Audits

The California American Water company provides free water audits. A water conservation specialist will visit your home, and help you identify ways in which you can save water and use other resources.

Use the iRecycle App

This app, available for the iPhone or Android, helps you find convenient local recycling companies that you can utilize in your quest for recycling cleanliness. The app also allows you to connect with others socially, and set a good example.

Install Solar Panels in Sacramento

There are a multitude of options available in terms of the kinds of options you have regarding solar panel installation. From DIY solar panel kits to PPAs and solar leases, going solar doesn’t have to mean tons of up-front costs.

Keep Your Home Full of Clean Energy

Replace your light bulbs with eco-friendly light bulbs. It’s good for you and for the environment.

Turn Off Your Computer Every Night

By turning off your computer in your home office every night, you save energy and reduce the amount of static electricity in your household, thereby allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

These are only a few ways in which you can improve your green standing and eco-consciousness in the capitol city of California. The city has multiple resources available, all fairly easy to implement. There are many ways to go green in the beautiful city of Sacramento, and we suggest you try a few (or all) of these out!

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