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Planet Matters and More LogoPlanet Matters and More is a fun, casual, insightful extravaganza of information; our editors are dedicated to bringing you — the readership — the latest in news and opinion about healthy living and eating. Sponsored by the Portland SEO and Content Development Firm, Smalldoggies Omnimedia in Portland, OR, we believe in educating our audience, thereby creating intelligent and healthy members of a conscious society. We also believe in having a lot of fun while doing it, remaining positive about what is working in our progressive culture and highlighting standout businesses, people and trends that are helping to make our society just plain better.

Ideally, we want to plant a seed. A fun one. A smart one. One that gets people doing their own research, making smarter decisions, and generally having a better time with learning about life and evolving. Our concerns start with healthy eating and sustainable restaurant development. We want to bring the discussions that are the most pressing in terms of the planet’s overall health to the surface, especially when the issues deal with what we put into our bodies, and how the steps involved in those processes affect the Earth. Is buying local produce necessarily better than buying organic? What’s the difference in the produce? Is a vegan lifestyle better than a vegetarian one? Really really better? Is one sweetener better than any other when the choice must be made from stevia, cane sugar or agave nectar?

Planet Matters and More wants to help you find out. So we’re going to position ourselves as your starting point for learning, and we’re gonna’ help you have some laughs along the way. We’ll do the research, compile the facts and opinions, weigh in where we feel it makes sense to, and introduce you to other “partners” in the world that seem to have the concerns as we do. With a little luck and lots of feedback from you, this journey we’re sharing will get infinitely better for all of us.

Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts on our Planet Matters Contact Page, or in the comments section of any post here on the blog.

— The Editors

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